Sky-Frame is a unique architectural solution that blurs the visual boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Sky-Frame allows you to create floor-to-ceiling windows, entire walls: straight, curved in radius or inclined. Sliding systems from Sky-Frame are the airiness of aluminum structures and a sense of style, individual design and fashionable architecture.
The company "HQWS" was created by people with 15 years of experience in the production of building glazing (stained glass, windows, doors, balconies, sliding structures, frameless sliding panoramic glazing). We successfully realize even the projects of architects, which yesterday seemed to be only conceptual.

Our solutions fill living spaces with light and combine the advantages of modern technologies, economic feasibility and at the same time compliance with the requirements of statics, thermal engineering and current building standards.

Sky-Frame minimalist frameless sliding windows from Switzerland create panoramic glazing with spectacular views thanks to a barrier-free transition between indoor and outdoor spaces and are the basis for exceptional architectural solutions.

Schüco premium glazing systems allow you to create an individual design using modern technical possibilities. Every building has its own unique appearance. Schüco systems save energy costs through high thermal insulation

We value the relationships we have built with our customers over the years. We do our best to maintain their trust in the future. This is the most important thing for us.

Our team has completed projects in Spain, France, Greece, Monaco, Estonia and Russia.

The 12-mm thick monolithic glass within the Sky-Frame 1 system is appropriate for non-insulated installation locations. Additionally, the system includes specific sliding seals that provide superior sound insulation.

The exceptional sound and thermal insulation characteristics of Sky-Frame 2 technology have established it as the favored Sky-Frame option. Narrow (merely 30 mm thick) single-chamber double-glazed windows have proven to be an outstanding solution in various climatic regions.
The Sky-Frame 3 system, featuring 54 mm thick double-glazed windows, meets the highest standards for stability and resistance to wind loads. Additionally, the double-glazed windows offer increased stability and even greater resistance to wind loads.


The name "Classic" not only evokes associations with "classic" rectangular shapes, but also emphasizes the historical significance of this system as the first in the history of Sky-Frame.

In the Pivot system, the doors revolve around an axis that's positioned asymmetrically, forming a momentary spatial structure. The electromechanical multipoint locking system ensures safety.

Sky-Frame arc sliding elements are used to create curved glass facades, adding organic contours. Structures with radial glass ensure smooth operation and can be equipped with automatic drives upon request. The system opens up many additional architectural possibilities.

Sky-Frame Slope sliding windows can be tilted inward or outward according to the architectural requirements. Special carriages are able to withstand any vertical and horizontal load, thus providing excellent running performance. Regardless of the inclination, the drainage of the system meets all waterproofing requirements.
The electric drive offers effortless and nearly noiseless manipulation of sliding components upon the button's depression. The actuator is concealed within the ceiling section, facilitating automatic movement of the flaps.

When not in use, the Fly Frameless Mosquito Net retracts completely into the frame. The use of wear-resistant tension cords made of Vectran fiber and a solid section of the system ensures maximum resistance to weather conditions. The mesh width can reach up to 1m.

The Sky-Frame system is enhanced by a delicate frame that appears to be only 30 mm wide. This enables fixed glass panels to be joined with sliding components over extensive surfaces to construct a seamless glass wall.

The Sky-Frame model provides outstanding burglary protection. Additional components that satisfy specific safety standards can be installed within the sliding windows.

  • Individuality
    Sky-Frame comprehends the individual necessities of its customers and provides exceptional sliding solutions tailored to any living environment - whether it be city life in an apartment or a relaxing retreat in a countryside home.

  • Embrace convenience
    The Sky-Frame system boasts various features that improve comfort. Sun shades shield from intense sunlight, while mosquito nets enable you to enjoy bug-free summer days and nights. Automatic drives deliver noiseless and seamless operation, and can be remotely controlled if required. Sky-Frame sliding glass windows are also designed to ensure high security, leveraging safety glass and optional alarm sensors.

  • Aesthetics
    Using floor-to-ceiling glass windows, curved or angled structures, Sky-Frame establishes the basis for unique spatial designs and exceptional architecture. Glass doors without visible frames create an open and seamless interior. The boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces vanish, resulting in a unified living area. Ingenious solutions enable the sliding windows to vanish completely out of sight. Staying true to their slogan – "A view, not a window" – Sky-Frame provides an unparalleled view. The essence of Sky-Frame is the frameless view.

  • Technologies
    As evidence of Sky-Frame's engineering excellence, their sophisticated and detailed technology is remarkably easy to operate. The company's commitment to progress and sustainability is deeply embedded in its corporate vision and is evident through the numerous innovation awards received to date. Sky-Frame's technology is entirely (100%) manufactured in Switzerland and is synonymous with precision engineering and the pursuit of superior product quality.

Architects' feedback

Sky-Frame impresses architects and clients globally. Watch the video to learn more.
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Kaestle Ocker Roeder Architekten | Stuttgart | Germany | German/English
Architect Gus Wuestemann | Zuerich | Switzerland | German/English
Ehrensberger Frei Architekten | Zuerich | Switzerland | German/English
Architect Andreas Schmitzer | Vienna | Austria | English/German
Architect Titus Bernhard | Augsburg | Germany | English/German
Architect Peter Kunz | Winterthur | Switzerland | English/German
Jonathan Segal | Why architects in the U.S. are choosing Sky-Frame
My point of view #05 - Stephan Hürlemann

Schüco premium aluminum systems

High-quality systems from a leading aluminum profile supplier provide ample opportunities for implementing modern glazing ideas and offering warmth, coziness, and comfort to your loved ones at home. Schüco products meet top-notch standards in design, comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Experience the excellence of Schüco's premium aluminum systems.

Schüco Window Systems
Schüco aluminum windows offer a variety of design solutions and options that, in addition to improved thermal insulation, cater to your individual preferences and meet your window needs.
Schüco Door Systems
The robustness of the door profiles and exceptional insulation properties of Schüco door systems can significantly diminish energy waste in said systems.
Schüco Sliding Systems
One advantage of Schüco's product line is the inclusion of sliding and folding door systems that offer high thermal insulation. Aluminum's exceptional strength allows for narrow profile structures with large glass areas, allowing for maximum daylight in the room.
Schüco Facade Systems
Schüco provides a diverse selection of rack-and-beam facade systems that allow for the realization of numerous architectural ideas. Innovations in thermal insulation, safety, automation, and design also enhance the versatility of these applications.
Schüco Accessories
We use energy efficient, solar control and multi-functional glass in our projects. By utilizing a diverse range of glass combinations in double-glazed windows, we can enhance thermal insulation, minimize the "greenhouse effect" caused by large areas of glass, and improve sound insulation, as well as the overall safety and resistance against break-ins of the windows.

Our projects

How we work
Consultation and preliminary calculation
We will offer you the optimal solution for using the systems and make a preliminary calculation.

Approval of the Terms of Reference
We will consider your color, fittings, fillings, and additional options preferences and optimize the commercial offer accordingly.
We agree on the terms, deadlines and payment schedule.

Measurement and working documentation
After the conclusion of the contract, we will make measurements at the site and prepare all working documentation.
Ordering of materials and fabrication of structures
After agreeing with you on the working documentation, we will place an order for materials and manufacture structures.
Installation work
The experienced installation team will handle the structure installation. The technical director regularly monitors the on-site progress. Once completed, we will cover the structures with a special film during the finishing phase for added protection.
Upon completion of finishing works, we will ensure the commissioning of structures.
Warranty and service
We will provide warranty and service maintenance of structures.
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